42POTS is my ceramic project.

I make functional stoneware vessels. My aim is to create ceramics that have both visual and tactile appeal. I’m interested in exploring textures and concentric patterns found in Nature when decorating my pots.

Each piece is a one-off, hand thrown on the wheel and decorated with hand built pieces, before being bisque-fired, glazed and re-fired. I like experimenting with multiple layers of glazes and how they react to the textured surface creating some interesting shades.

Inspiration and influence

I’m inspired by the work of Axel Salto and Kate Malone, Karl Blossfeldt fantastic photographs, Roberto Burle Marx beautiful gardens and tropical landscapes, Bossa Nova and pineapples.


I’m a graphic designer with a background in Arts and a passion for all Arts and Crafts. I was born in Rio de Janeiro, lived in Milan, London and São Paulo for many years, before moving back to London in 2006 where I currently live with my partner and Marvin, the cat.

I’ve attended pottery courses at CityLit with with teachers that truly inspired me: Matt Sherratt, Carina Ciscatto and Annie Turner.

I’m a member of the London Potters Association since 2011 and I take part of their annual exhibition at Morley Gallery, London.

The name 42POTS is a tribute to Douglas Adams.

Thank you for stopping by.